Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crisis, What Crisis?

Well fellow New Zealanders, who are the only ones who will really understand and appreciate the topicality of this post, today my crisis point arrived.

I reached the bottom of my Marmite jar.

To mitigate any withdrawal from the thick, savoury mud-like  yeast extract spread we Kiwis love to smear on our hot toast, I had proactively purchased a jar of Vegemite earlier in the week. I had been raised on Vegemite, how different could it really be?
Answer: Quite a lot. Aside from the obvious taste, I did not find the brown as appealing as the black goodiness of the true yeast extract, the Vegemite smell was less tempting and it seemed to clog on my Vogels as opposed to silkily spread itself across the grains, as does Marmite.
However despite being a Marmite lover, I must say I am a bit amazed at how this thing has played out in the media etc. A win-win for both companies as far as I can see. Maybe they co-conspired to taunt the New Zealand psyche into having us believe we cannot live without our black gold... be that of the M or the V variety. That said, I would sooner live without the V myself... Marmite all the way!

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