Friday, April 20, 2012

Double Triple That!

Study update for those who care.
Whilst most other teachers have been on holiday over the past two weeks, I have not... meant to be. But somehow I seem to have had a lot of down time. Can I blame some on being a good, kind responsible person who takes care of nieces and nephews in holiday time, and tends to friends who need post operative love and support? Sounds like a feasible explanation, so I'll take it!
I have achieved two major things; discussing my intentions with the two lovely teachers I hope to work with, and getting my Ethical Approval Application away. A meaty document supported by several letters to a range of stakeholders - students, parents, teachers. principal - and the data-gathering design that I can create at this stage of the process. Six copies (hence the title) clipped together and posted away in plenty of time - I hope.
And now once again, a little girl waits. The documents will not be reviewed until May 9 I discovered today. A fellow Masters student told me he had heard that only 10-15% of applications pass the ethics committee in the first reading. I am hoping those ones come from the A grade average students!
Until I have approval I am unable to proceed with any consent forms or data gathering. But I can chew away at my Methodology chapter (not a fun prospect) and my Literature Review (a much nicer task IMO)
I am hatching a plan to do some of this in another locale... watch this space.

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