Monday, April 23, 2012

My Beautiful Boy in B and W

May MPS Club Night will be upon me before I know it, and I have done no special photography missions at all lately. As with last month's set subject, I am pretty uninspired by the set subject topic of monochrome.
So I revisited some previous shots to see if any translated OK in to Black and White which, I understand, falls under the monochrome umbrella.
I have always loved this photo of Hugo. If you knew this little dog you would agree that it encapsulates his personality to a T - cheeky, confident and totally loveable. It was stolen on the spot without no consideration at all given to settings etc, and I had my wee 50mm fixed on, dialed down low, hence the very shallow depth of field. I had to work hard on the colour version to bring the most out of what was captured in camera, but have never been completely happy with the amount of shadow across the left (right as you look at it) eye, and the distraction of an inconsistent background.
I think there is much more clarity in the Black and White version, and I was able to black out the wall and curtain into a solid block.
I am not sure if I will enter it, but because I like it as a B and W, I am definitely going to print it and put it on the rapidly growing 'famous' hall wall. (Becoming a bit like going straight to the pool room, for those who appreciate the humour of The Castle)


  1. He is a GORGEOUS dog and I <3 the black and white pic, hope to see it entered :)

  2. A beautiful photo! He looks just like my boy Monty, such wonderful dogs!