Monday, January 24, 2011

Back-to-Work Blues?

Today was the first day I was actually sitting back at my desk, in my actual office, after the holiday break. Can't help but feel a little blue in a situation like that.
That's when my friendly local courier made my day. I wish I had the decency to remember his name - it's something common in Indian, like John or Steve or Mike is in English - because this is the second time he has remembered mine, out of context.
I won't go in to the personalised Christmas Card delivery debacle, except to say he did his best to get them to me on time. If only everyone else had done their bit I might have received them in time to send them out for Christmas.
Today, while delivering at school, he saw me, confirmed I was Lynn, and said he had a package for me in the van. Had he not remembered me, I would have had to wait till Saturday for the delivery of my new blue shoes, as I would not have been at home to receive them.
So instead my back-to-work Blues ended up being a pair of skyscraper Mi Piaci heels, which I quite forgot I had ordered on Friday.

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