Sunday, January 16, 2011

It had to happen

It's the first time, but it certainly won't be the last. I didn't actually take this photo today, I took it yesterday - Kate and Damien's wedding car. No ribbons and miniature dolls - guess you can't insult a car like this with s*&# like that?
But when I was playing with this pic this morning, it did incite a recollection, so the 'memory' is definitely today's :)
I would never profess to be any sort of a car buff, but I do believe this is a Holden Kingswood. Circa 1970s??? Someone will correct me if I am wrong.
In the 1970s where I lived, the car to have was the Chrysler Valiant. Our neighbours had two, I think at the same time. Rich farmer's tax dodge? I don't know, I was just a kid. I am thinking one was orange and one green. Munter and Van would have loved them.
We lived, as my parents still do, up a no exit country road, conveniently tar-sealed to just past our letterbox. Remains the same today. Living in the country, you are always aware of the vehicles travelling up and down the road, and one quickly developed the audio-astuteness necessary to ascertain which of our three neighbours it was. We certainly knew when it was the Valiant. The transverse into the gravel was always a good time for a bit of a spin, depending on who was driving.
Similarly we knew when it wasn't  'one of our own'. My Dad would always, and probably still does, venture to the window to check it out. I shan't divulge the actual question he used to pose if he didn't know who it was, far too un-PC for today's world.
So the Valiant was it. But I must admit, this Holden looked pretty cool yesterday.

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