Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some things are hard to let go

This little fellow is one of them.
Here he is having a rest from today's proceedings at the NZKC All Breeds show, where we were placed Reserve Dog of Breed and Junior of Breed today.

Stirling - son of my Reilly and co-owned by myself and my friend Mignon the breeder - is not a permanent resident of the household. He comes to stay for the weekend when we have a show to go to, but has had a two week period here over the holidays.
He's everything a cavalier should be - playful, tenacious, loving and awesome company. He also does pretty well in the breed type department (well, for the cavalier breed type I like).
Tonight is meant to be his last night here, as I am set to hand him back after tomorrow's show. It will be a very hard goodbye this time...

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