Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nothing extraordinary here

I had intended to post a photo of the carnage at the NZKC grounds today, where exhibitors had left their gazebos etc out in readiness for a second day of outdoor showing. Following the storm we had here last night, it looked like a war zone. (Fortunately we have an indoor facility available too!). But I digress.

Sometimes it is the simple things that catch your eye.

These two little fellows, humble and common mynah birds, were taking shelter from the persistent rain as I drove up my driveway.

Some useless information about the mynah bird from here:
The same pair mate for year after year (My two do look like an old married couple up there)
Unlike most other birds, they walk, as opposed to hop.
"Mynah" is a geographical classification, as opposed to scientific. Mynah means "starling" in Hindi, and derives from the Sanskrit “madana,” meaning joyful or delightful, which comes from the word “mad,” to rejoice, which in turn derives from a root meaning “bubbles.” So ultimately the word “mynah” means “bubbling with joy.” 

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