Thursday, January 27, 2011

Energy Source

This is the title of the photo I have to post today! Unfortunately our pre paid mobile Internet connection thingy has run out and the pic is on my computer. I am sure there will be some way around that, but I can't be arsed problem solving after another busy day working with our amazing staff, so I will edit and add the pic from home tomorrow ....

So the above text was sent from my iPhone last night. I am sure I could have found a way to send the photo, but ... well, I didn't.  This windmill is on the Pukekohe Golf Course, and in view of the window from our venue.
I chose the title to represent how I was feeling being back with my work crew, whilst away on Retreat. Not sure how many folk have the privilege of working with focused professionals who do provide a 'zing' to your working life. Fortunately for me, I do :)

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