Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whose watching? Who cares!

One of the small goals I have for myself this year (have I mentioned it before?) is to worry less about what people think of me. It really is none of my business. I have to learn that a lot of the time what I am doing is none of their business either. To practise meeting this goal, I am challenging myself to stop and take photos EVEN WHEN PEOPLE CAN SEE ME!
Today I went to get some plants to pot up (pretty slim pickings on the selection actually, Kings Plant Barn) I saw an opportunity to stop and photograph the water lilies alongside the driveway.  At least 5 cars drove past while I was doing so. No one stopped. No one pointed and laughed. No one told me what they were thinking. (Although I did wonder...)
So I am thinking it might be OK to do that sort of thing again. Ooooh, brave!


  1. You should never worry what people think of you. Mind you I need to practise what I preach eh?

  2. They'll be thinking you're doing a spread for Nz Gardener magazine. I was never allowed to walk home from school bare footed- my mum would say "What will people think?" I think that's where mine came from, I SOO identify! Loving the photos- next stop Nat Geo!