Monday, January 17, 2011

My Problem 'Child"

Yes, the same one who escaped through the rose gardens on Jan 12. He's done that run-back-the-opposite-direction thing twice since then on our normal route, taking his impressionable son with him. (Both pictured below - photos taken yesterday and day before).

And after six blissful months of eating without a fuss since switching to a BARF diet, he's decided once again to turn his nose up at food. Unless it's some form of (pet grade) chicken product, I resort to hand/force feeding him to at least get him going. Sometimes I have to hand feed him his whole meal.
Now I could leave the food out for him to eat in his own time - right? Wrong. Where Reilly is particular, Hugo will eat anything he can sniff out... so not an option.
Tonight I chose tough love and left him hungry -  until about 8p.m. that is, when I began to feel sorry for him. Raining by this stage, he even got to eat inside. He decided to eat the last of the meat by himself, with Hugo and our house-guest Stirling, looking on with envy. So this pic is definitely about the 'Musing'... what to do with a problem canine child?

P.S. Indulge me if I refer to, and write about, my dogs as if they are people/my kids. It will happen, probably quite often, in this blog, Some of us have not been lucky enough to have actual human children, and all that love, connectivity and responsibility in my case at least, is channeled to my boys. No apologies...

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