Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ahhhh, Nostalgia... #2

As we often do when we re-visit places of our past, I did some drive-bys of my old student flats when I was in Hamilton yesterday.
I smiled as I drove past each street sign, the names of each bringing some sort of recognition and frequently, vivid recollections.

First a jaunt down to 6 Coates St. The photo is not much - I did not get our of the car. The 1983 version is much better, and the garden was much tidier back then too...



My memories of this place include...
  • Gatecrashing my brother's stag party. He lived at number 7. I'll bet he was impressed - not. He did move out shortly afterwards. (He got married...)
  • An 'interesting' housewarming present, which disappeared that same night - someone must have needed it more than we did
  • Sharing a bedroom with Johanne
  • The bright red kitchen. BRIGHT. RED. 
  • The house being sold when we had only been in it a couple of months, a muck up with the notice, and us all going to live with the real-estate agent's mother for 3 weeks lol
I then rounded the corner to 41 Cook St, where I had lived for 3 years. And ... egads, it was no longer there! Instead, it had morphed into a ruddy great apartment block!

Once was 41 Cook St
But I will always remember....
  • Frequent calls to the police for prowlers. Easy pickings - the curtains had been cut down in my bedroom!
  • My 19th? 20th? birthday party... live band... stolen amp... going to court (as a witness!)
  • Watching the Young Ones
  • Artwork from teaching sections over all the walls
  • Re-enacting the opening scene from Flashdance in the rain
  • Having the residents from my workplace next door (red roof far left in the photo) -  a rest home for alzheimers patients - over for cups of tea
  • Parties like this one - Lords and Ladies...

Next stop - the first home away from home I ever had... the T Coll Halls of Residence... but will save that one for tomorrow!

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