Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I wonder if they still do the Chunder Mile?

This is the first of three posts I will make about the trip back to my old student stomping ground when I returned today to suss out my Masters enrolment and supervision.

The trees have grown. They have cafes. The lake looks cleaner.
These were the three most obvious differences I noticed .
It all looked very civilized. But it is November. I wonder, come March, if they'll be doing the Chunder Mile... (eat a cold pie, scull a jug, run a lap of the lake, eat a cold pie, scull a jug, run a lap of the lake... repeat until a 'mile' has been run. Stop to chunder as necessary - the ducks always seemed to like it...)

Photo courtesy of iPhone, Post-processing - Camera+


  1. Wow, love the processing! It actually looks like a magical place where you may indeed enjoy learning :)

  2. Thanks Rachel. The processing certainly made it 10x the photo it was before! Now to replicate this technique in Photoshop so I can do on my 'real' photos.
    AND YES might just enjoy - esp cos there are two cafes here these days...