Saturday, November 5, 2011

Who determines perfection? Or excellence even?

Is there such a thing as perfection? And if there is, who determines it?
Through my work I was introduced to the concept of Perfection vs Excellence, so personally I don't ordinarily subscribe to the notion of perfection.
And even 'excellence' carries with it a degree of subjectivity.
I reflect again on a Dog Show day - not 'our' day, but I am again reminded that one person's perfection/excellence is another's adequate.
My friend Mignon has just lent me this lovely book, which I am about to browse as I sup on my Kim Crawford Pinot Gris. I love my Pinot Gris, and enjoy Kim Crawford's - it was the first PG I ever tried, recommended and agreeably imbibed at Astrolabe (the restaurant not the Rena-stricken reef) at Mt Maunganui, though I note that several years later it is not on their wine list anymore.
Maybe it is not longer considered excellent. And actually, if I was going for my perfect Pinot Gris, it would be Church Road.
But I digress. The point I was moving towards was that as I learn more about the cavalier breed, I continue to learn that, as I have previously blogged, one person's excellent example of the breed is another person's adequate. And I am sure that the dogs I fall in love with on these pages, others may dislike. Remembering also that the pages of a book only allow us to see what the still camera captures, not the dogs movement or confirmation, and certainly not the temperament that makes the cavalier not just an excellent breed of dog to own, but a PERFECT one!

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