Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ahhhhh Nostalgia #3

The T Coll Halls of Residence, D Block.

What to I recall about living in the Halls....?
A lot of innocent fun, as the following list describes:

  • The Dining Hall - cockroaches (recurring theme?), daily custard (green custard the St Pats day that someone added food colouring to the breakfast milk...), food fights
  • April Fools' Day  - gladwrap on the toilet bowls and the doorknobs tied together from the outside.
  • April Fools' Day - Jamie Barr's Bambina physically lifted to the middle of the field outside this block, completely wrapped in loo paper
  • Rooms getting 'done-over' - for me this was returning home to find everything upside down.
  • A beer fridge called Alex. Once we hid all of Alex's owner's undies in the little freezer bit... he did not find them for days.
  • A resident called Wayne King. We thought that was hilarious. Actually I think it was Ann King.
  • The first ever 'video game' I ever saw - space invaders - in the TV room. 20c a go.
  • An infamous room. D4. I was D44. I did  not appreciate suggestions that the same antics went on on my room. I was a good girl. 
  • Watching 'Roots' the mini series on Rona's little TV. Mini series were a new phenomenon.
  • Mean girls (not me) wafting incense sticks under the door of a poor girl who suffered from B.O.
  • Being one of the first 'bays' to get an automatic washing machine - as opposed to a wringer! And it was 1982.... we'd had an auto one for eons at home.

Good times. So long ago but feels like not-so-long-ago (not quite yesterday tho!)

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