Monday, November 14, 2011

Good spotting, boys!

It's not much of a photo, and I will have to explain the story as it is not easily revealed in the shot. A great cacophony (see short video below) alerted me to the fact that the dogs had spied something - usually it's a bird, cat or even fly. Today it was a dirty great cockroach - that's it there on the ceiling, in Hugo's gaze. It amazes me that these little dogs will spot something so relatively small several metres above their natural line of sight.
Now I'm a farmers daughter, and am not grossed out by many things. But even after many years working in an old building riddled with the buggers, I just can't stand cockroaches. It's they way they are so still, then so rapid in their movement, and the fact they are damn ugly!
Method of disposal? Lock dogs outside, spray the ugly bugger till it drops, pick up with kitchen towels and flush down the loo. Then shudder.