Monday, November 7, 2011

Readers - I need your help!

This week I have to submit two photos for the MPS club 'salon'. I had to ask what that actually was in this context, as my reference to 'salon' ordinarily involves my hair. Consulting wikipedia's article on what a 'salon' is made me smile, and feel a bit stupid that I did not already know this meaning.

What we have to do is submit what we believe are our two best, previously critiqued photos again for pre-judging, as well as take a 6x4 print of a photo for on-the-night critiquing by the group.

I am including as my blog post today, all the photos I got MPS Honours for, a couple that were only highly commended but I quite like, and two being critiqued this week.
Please can you tell me your two favourites, and I will tally them up to help me decide what goes forward.

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The Secret

Sunday @ Cornwall Park


Take Off

Calling Jonny Wilkinson




  1. Definitely 'The Secret' then it is a bit of a toss up... I am a bit partial to the Simplicity one. Problem is they are all so good! Courtship& the rugby one are my other 2 favs just to complicate things!

  2. Sunday @ Cornwall Park, then either Calling Jonny... or simplicity