Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tick, tick, tick...

The end of year at a school is always super frantic, and with an eight week fourth term, it seems even busier than usual. I really have had very little time to think that, in a couple of weeks, my daily routine will change considerably. Small reminders are creeping in, as plans for 2012 are made that I am not a 'real' part of, and reminders to pay course fees come through my inbox.
Add to that a lovely, funny, thoughtful surprise delivered to me at work today by a special person, which leaves little doubt that things are about to change for me...
Recently I had jokingly said that when other staff go on leave, it's always been to have a baby, and they get a Baby Shower, but there was nothing called a Study Shower if you go on study leave. So a certain someone made me a Study Shower Basket, full of all sorts of goodies, each with their own personal message and reason for inclusion, to get me through the year. There are lots of nibbly niceties, and a number of stationery items, the latter of which strangely excite me more than the food!
I almost had a little cry when I received it - a bit of a combo of the gesture and the reality!


  1. OMG that is awesome - as a single chick I often think the same - what showers do we ever get??? a staying single shower? but always wedding showers and baby showers - who ever did this is freaking awesome I love it!!!!!