Saturday, November 19, 2011


I am always super keen for an opportunity to spend time in good company, and to learn more about photography. Today was a chance to do both. My friend Kate and I attended a photography workshop purchased via one of those daily deal thingies. We went here to Fort Takapuna, a defense fort established in the late 1800s to defend Auckland from a feared Russian invasion. Interesting.

That was the 'where', but what about the who? Prior to attending I did what anyone does these days and googled the tutor. My search turned up photos of the male nude. Not offensive. But... interesting.

Then the 'what'. The first 'challenge' we were given required us, in groups, to photograph a 'wee man' in a series of photos that told a story. Four of which had to have one of our hands in it. Our story was one of capture, torture and escape! It was ...  interesting. Perhaps the most unusual photo shoot I have ever done.

Oh well, at least he had his undies on.

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  1. LOVE the shot through the window/rifle holes AND love the rope over the log - brilliant shots.
    Such a fun day!