Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Vote of Thanks

I had planned my blog post earlier in the day as I reflected on the election campaign.
 I've done a lot of thinking about the campaign over the past few weeks, most of it with a grumpy face, as I have found the whole process quite annoying and even condescending in parts.

I know politicians have roles to play during this time - which in my view should be predominately to promote policy, however it inevitably will involve bagging the policy (and people, sadly) of the other parties. I get that. I accept that. The role that has riled me the most though, is that of the media. Yes, yes, they have a job to do too, but it all just p@%$ed me off this year. So much so that I watched no leaders' debates and changed channels when tired stories turned up on the news bulletin after bulletin.

So much time is given to highlighting the flaws and faux pas of the people and parties. As a glass-half-full person, it just grates on me. And so much of what we are fed is irrelevant in the big picture.

But to the point of this post...
We must remember absolutely lucky we are...
a) to be living in this day and age
b) in this democratic country of ours,
and therefore have the opportunity to actually have a say in how our country is run.

For that, I for one, am thankful

And the photo ... I had planned that also, and it did not look like this! Once inside the polling area, I decided that my big DSLR, which I had nestled in my handbag, would be difficult to use surreptitiously... so I settle for snapping the sign...

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