Thursday, November 3, 2011

Love it or hate it?

My life would be a lot easier if I were part of the group of the human race that innately loves exercise. One of those sporty junkies, of whom I know many -  and I admire them greatly. Those whose day is not complete without a run or a workout, who genuinely experience endorphin highs.
However, I can exhaust myself just convincing myself to do exercise. Or not. Even when I am on a regular schedule as I pretty much am now, I will drop off the exercise if I can justify not doing it to myself. I just don't really like it much.
I especially don't like anything high impact - mainly because it is hard for me and I am not especially fit in that regard. Running - yeuck. Team sports - not my buzz, always felt I was letting the team down as well. Even my weekly PT sessions are generally approached with the thought that I'd rather be somewhere else, though I do admit that once I am there I don't hate it.
Because it's weights and resistance training, I actually can confess to liking it. Most of the time. Only competing with yourself. Love getting stronger. Don't mind that much if I don't get tinier.
Here's Leanne getting the bar ready for my squats today. Our favourite :)

PS Of course I walk the dogs regularly, and love it. But I don't count that as being exercise for me it's for them!

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