Saturday, November 12, 2011

Resilience Personified

First off today, I did not take this photo - I attribute it to my relative Becky Fothergill who I do not know particularly well on a face-to-face level, but who allows me into her life via social networking.
Becky is the mother of Samual and Leiah. All of them are amazing, inspirational human beings. As the photo suggests, Samual has his struggles, with a rare condition called HLH. There are 667 courage beads on that necklace, all representing a challenge in Samual's path to wellness. He seems to have spent more of his little life in hospital than out, and his wonderful Mum chronicles their journey on her Facebook page, Support for Sammie.  The journey has a fork in its road also, in that HLH may also afflict itself upon Samual's baby sister Leiah.
My message today is about resilience; about strength, hope and faith, all of which this family has in droves. I imagine that there are many followers of their journey who, like me, will Samual and his family on, celebrating the ups and rueing the downs. A brave, brave family who deserve nothing but the only outcome worth contemplating - a healthy, happy life for them all.

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