Friday, July 8, 2011

All in a Day's Work

One thing about my job - firstly as a teacher and now as a Deputy Principal - there are never two days the same.
Today, for instance, I did very little of my 'real job' - except maybe to begin the beast that is the staff release calendar for T3.
And not because I was filing my nails.
I was slightly late and am inwardly grateful to the staff member who called in sick this morning, as I had somehow forgotten to set my alarm AND sleep past my normal wake up time. A very rare occurence for me. Could have been even later.
Once at school I was a slightly ineffectual if not cheerful office assistant for the first hour to plug a gap.
I then managed some time with kids, having been asked to adjudicate our senior speeches today. Awesome.
It was not the most pleasant of days to be on lunchtime duty, with the wintery wind whipping any semblance of style from my hair... but it did provide the moment of the day for me to giggle about.... A 5 year old who was walking with my on duty turned to me and asked "Do you sleep in your office?" Classic.
Later played Health Nurse as I gave tips on how to recognise and manage head lice...
To finish the day I watched some budding musicians perform at our weekly Celebration Afternoon... (hence the photo) though I am sure I was not the only one who inwardly rolled my eyes when the guitar tutor had his group play the same two songs they have played for the last 4 performances...
So the 'real work' will get added to next week's pile, cos right now - well, my job is to pour a long glass of Church Rd Pinot Gris and lie on the couch... not in my office!

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  1. I slept in this morning too :( A very scary way to wake up, rare for me too. I've worked out that I did set my alarm... But I must have turned it off in my sleep!
    Enjoyed your break down of your day, sounds like you were busy!