Thursday, July 28, 2011

Food Show Fun

Despite living here for 6 years now, I had not been to the Auckland Food Show before today, and was very happy to be invited to accompany my foodaholic friend Viki today.
So much to sample, and almost every morsel delicious. Fabulous cheeses, oils, sauces, chocolates... I had to get over feeling guilty for taking my tooth-picked tidbit, Mmmmming and Ooohhhhing in tandem with Viki - and then walking away without buying anything.

The two things I did buy, you can't eat, and one actually had no place being at a Food Show really... An 'everlasting lint remover' - attractive to a chick with 3 dogs. I bought into my second rehearsed sales pitch for the day (even if I did make her skip to the dog hair part of the demo) and got my 2-for-one offer. She did have to pose for this photo first though. Have already tried my 'Sticky King' tonight and it does work.

Viki's bag of goodies was much more exciting than mine, and I know she will turn her purchases into gastronomic delights. Watch out for them in her most excellent food blog.

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