Friday, July 1, 2011

Future Roll Growth

Amazing afternoon weather-wise here in Auckland N.Z. today. A cool, crisp morning transformed into a glorious, still, mild winter's day which just evoked a feeling of joyousness (That's a much more joyful feeling that a simple feeling of joy).
Perfect conditions for an outdoor performance of our JRock item, followed by an energetic bout of whole school Jump Jam. I wasn't jumping though - only taking pictures... No photos of the Reremoana school kids here on my blog, but a couple of possible future enrolments, thanks to our staff for ensuring potential roll growth with their offspring.
Jaime attends the Early Learning centre next door, and they all came to watch the performance.
Yandri is cared for by a school parent who also came to see the show.
I'll bet their Mum's can't believe that it will be all too soon until they are big school girls themselves...

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