Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bad Hair Day

I have relished spending a 24/7 day with my canine family today, and so have they. They are ever present with me when I am at home, even as I go about my weekend chores - waiting by the gate when I hang the washing out, one following me with the lawnmower, sitting at my feet as I study... soaking up having me home for the day. Nice to be so loved!
I did have to venture out though - to get food for them - so decided to take them too. The woman at Hudson's Quality Petfood always asks after them, and today they were suitably ogled over.
From there we visited our old but recently infrequently visited haunt, the Botanic Gardens..
Despite it raining when we left, it was precipitation free by the time we got there. Still plenty of wind though, and I can assure you my hair was worse than Hugo's appears in this pic. Who would have thought they all has a thorough grooming this morning too!

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