Friday, July 15, 2011

Kate's Cake

I have stolen someone else's 'special moment' for my blog post today. I was asked to take the photo, so technically I guess it's OK to use!
My colleague Kate has only 7 more weeks till she meets her baby girl, and it was the last day with her class today. One of her pupils brought along this amazing cake which, I can attest, tasted as good as it looked.
Aren't people creative?
Speaking of creative, and of Kate - one of the most organised people I know - my new 'creative' internet obsession has been initiated by her. Pinterest. I don't know whether to hug her or strangle her.
So what is Pinterest? It's a handy social networking/bookmarking site that allows you to 'pin' things on virtual cloud boards. Those of us that are attracted by pictures of anything find it hard to resist.
I imagine it's very much a girlie thing...
Anyway I think that this cake has 'Pinterest Interest' so I have pinned it!


  1. I will pin it to my nom nom nom board hehe.

  2. Sooooo cool. I've been pinned twice now.. does that make me famous?

  3. Almost as famous as being the topic of my blog - again!