Friday, July 22, 2011

Well, the thought was there...#2

Actually, contrary to the title, not much thought at all really. It has not been the most inspiring of days on any level, least of all creatively.
The photo I ran outside to take between showers and before the afternoon light disappeared completely, was a vague attempt to look at something from a different perspective. Like flowers are nearly always photographed from the front, and I have seen a couple of neat examples of them taken back on; of course they were brilliantly back lit and brightly coloured and textured. Unlike my specimen here, pretty much the lone bloom from my garden, a sad looking white Iceland poppy...
Maybe the raindrops are interesting? Nevertheless, posting it here will remind me to be on the lookout for the less than obvious perspective to shoot from in the future, when there's more inspiration around.

PS I'll bet the default date on this post will say it's after midnight and I have missed my daily post. It's not. Should change that setting....

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