Monday, July 18, 2011

Pretty City

While I often mourn living in the Bay of Plenty, today there was plenty to be happy about living here in Auckland.

My picture today is a very familiar vista for Aucklanders, nay, for New Zealanders. But we don't always get to see it in its full glory. What a perfect winter's day it was, and not just because of the weather.

1. I was not at work on a Monday
2. There was a surprise element to my planned day (That was seeing these people at our lunch spot, the Botanic Gardens)
3. I got to spend time with my family
4. Lemon sorbet, mmmmm
5. Being a tourist in your own city
6. Taking lots of photos
7. Coming home to lamb shanks in the slow cooker

Seven's my favourite number, so will stop there even though I am sure I could find ten. Tomorrow I hope to explore more of our region... watch this space.

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