Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wanted: Technical Mentor

Made the most of another awesome morning by getting out into it nice and early with my colleague and friend Kate, on a photographic mission out to Maraetai Beach.
We both have more or less the same camera, and both are learning to get the best from it. I do believe Kate is under the misguided notion that I actually know stuff, but to be honest, it's mostly luck if something turns out OK.
I think I can see a picture, but I really want to a) how to capture it best (still perfecting settings)  and b) how to post process to get the effect I want.
I am not a purist photoshopper; I have the Apple 'equivalent', and I do not know anyone else who operates the same programme. (Aperture 3).
Basically I want to shadow someone on a shoot, and then watch what they do when they get back to their (Mac) computer.
Put the word out....
Meanwhile, here's today's offering in sepia. See pier. Boom, boom, ching!

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