Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Bit of Drama

It was a slice of old style traditional small theatre goodness tonight, watching the Mairangi Players interpretation of the Wind in the Willows.
Of course my motivation for being there was to support and celebrate the performance of my nine year old niece Megan as the 'portly otter'; somewhat of an oxymoron considering there's not much to her.
Some would say that there's a trend within some of the Fothergills which draws them to seek the limelight, or to portray an alter-ego. There have certainly been a few of us who have taken the opportunity to tread the boards over time.
While it's been quite a wee while since I have taken to the stage, it was somewhat reminiscent for me to watch this play. I do recall putting it on at Teacher's College, though it was titled "Toad of Toad Hall". I had a small, and I thought pivotal role; that of the Washerwoman who gives up her clothes to help Toad escape from prison.
Turns out the role was not so pivotal... whilst Toad did escape masquerading as a washerwoman, (see picture two) the Washerwoman herself was not portrayed in this version...
Still it as great to relive the memories, and to see Megan making new ones for herself and us. May there be many Fothergill performances to come.

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