Thursday, July 28, 2011

You'd think it'd be an easy 10/10

First Quiz Night I have participated in for ages, thanks to the invite from my friend Kate. Linda and I gatecrashed her normal Wednesday team, the 'Cheeky Darkies' (I called the two of us the 'Politely Whiteys'), and you'd have thought they knew I was coming. One of the picture rounds was 'Doggy Style' in the non smutty sense of the phrase. However we did miss 3... the English Pointer, Albino German Shepherd and the 'Huntaway". 
I question the huntaway's inclusion on 2 counts:
1. It looks nothing like Luke or Rogue or Beau - huntaways from my childhood. 
2. It is not a recognised breed with the kennel club.
But of course I did not dispute it (I know what it's like on the Quizmaster side!) - in quizzes you win some, you lose some, you knew it but you didn't say it, you said it but it wasn't written down... none of that matters really, it's all just darn good fun. Especially when you get 10/10 on your bonus round. 
The slightly muted Cheeky Darkies came third overall. I hope I get invited again if they are ever short of numbers!

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  1. And I promise I will speak louder ;-)- Then we would have got 9/10 for the Doggy Style round.