Monday, July 25, 2011

One for the girls...

I was amused last night to watch my 24 year old nephew squirm as the women of our family discussed breasts in a matter-of-fact way. Can't remember the actual line of conversation, but I think it was initiated by a connection made between silicon cupcake cups, and breasts au naturale (as opposed to silicon...)

With his discomfort in mind, I have suggested via the title that this post may not be one boys will find particularly interesting...

Today's photo I snatched on my phone whilst at Breast-screen Aotearoa. It's a dried harakeke (flax) artwork created by Marama Pirihi, designed to 'express the nurturing and beauty of the wahine'.

You know you are of 'an age' when a mammogram becomes a free service... It's not the most pleasant of procedures to endure - not that it is painful, more a matter of - discomfort. Discomfort with the squeezing of the machine, coupled with another person moving your bits here and there, and finished off with standing around half naked. Mind you, as I said to the mammographer, she has surely seen it all before...

Still it's a necessary evil I guess, being proactive about one's health. If you are also of 'an age' and have not had your boobs checked, this is your little reminder to do so :D

Boys, if you did suffer through this - how about a prostate check?

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