Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family Talents

Following on from yesterday's post about the developing stardom of my young niece, it is obvious by the nature of my photo, that she, my eldest niece Lisa, and my nephew Daniel, have a talent for cupcakery. Well, potential maybe? The cupcakes (made by Lisa) were delicious, so that part is nailed; it's the decorative skills of the younger relations that await refinement; simply waiting for the frosting to be spread before adding the adornments would help.
Our whole family was together tonight, minus the canine children and with the addition of Bianca, an 'adopted' Fothergill of some years. Second awesome family dinner in a row - definitely some talent there. But when together, we also have a talent for being... gregarious. The ruder interpretation would be ... 'loud', especially when accompanied by a few bevvies...
I guess each family has its own dynamic and ours tends to be one of much talking at a high volume, often with many conversations going on at the same time and, as I observed tonight, sometimes with no one actually listening much. But that's the way we are; sometimes a bit hard to take for the average outsider, but for those who know us well, it's all part of the fun.

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