Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bloody Bewdy Boy

Thought I'd better do my post now before I get caught up in the meet and greet of uncles and aunts long not seen etc etc...
Came down to Matata in the rain accompanied by my 9 year old niece Megan today. She informs me her school is doing a "...'s Got Talent" show and that she is going to do a comedy routine. She's got her introductory joke off pat, to be delivered in a Scottish accent, and is formulating what the rest of the content may comprise.
One idea we spoke about was incorporating the 'Fothergill Vernacular".  Megan nominates 'goob' as one of 'our' words.  It's a derivation of '''good' and is generally followed by 'boy' as in 'gooboy', and was probably created by my Dad. As was 'Bloody bewdy boy'.

I am sure there will be more laughs to be had as the weekend evolves. And maybe even some tears - of the 'goob' kind...

Fothergills, out .

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