Friday, March 4, 2011

Thank You Christchurch

The second post this week from the courtyard at my school. And for a similar reason, although today the mood was different.

Like so many New Zealanders, Reremoana School students and staff donned red and black today to show our allegiance to the city of Christchurch, and to give the students the opportunity to contribute financially, as best they could, to the earthquake cause.

But in giving to Christchurch I believe we also received. There was a feeling of energy and solidarity in the playground, the classrooms and the staffroom too, that came from wearing the red and black. A strong sense of purpose and a feeling of achievement was evident as we prepared for and laid down our coins. We yelled "Christchurch!" when the photo was taken and it felt powerful and positive.

It has been said a lot since that tragic day - even this morning from the British PM - that the resilience and sense of community spirit Christchurch is demonstrating at this, the most harrowing of times, is incredible. We can all learn from that. So thank you, Christchurch.

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