Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Dangers of Early Morning Exercise

Was this some kind of justification for my resistance to climbing on my aging Orbitrek before the sun has even begun to get up?
As I clambered on to this god awful machine this morning, I opened the window behind me in an effort to make things a little more bearable. The wind this morning was apparent and I felt the curtain brush against me as I began to amp up the action. Sighing, I stopped and shut the window and resumed my 'work'. That's when the curtain rail came crashing towards me. I had not noticed that the curtain had already wound itself around one of the paddles and so a single further rotation had done the damage.
I am not impressed. I resent having to fix these things.
I need a fix-it fairy.
If you know one, send it over.

PS When I cleared the curtain from the paddle I also discovered two bolts or washers or something on the carpet. Do I risk stepping on to this contraption again tomorrow? What if something else comes crashing?

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