Thursday, March 10, 2011

Learning to say 'Yes'

Since moving to Auckland 5 1/2 years ago, I have had quite a stunted week-day life outside of school. Having lived in Tauranga for so may happy years, where everything was so accessible, I have found the need to fight traffic and travel long distances a real impediment to doing things after work.

It has therefore become quite habitual to turn down offers to be 'social' during the week.

When I was phoned and offered free tickets/dinner/drinks to the Greyhound races just down the road, I did not have any reason to say 'no' other than the truth - I was very tired. But I found myself saying "Yes, OK, that could be fun".

And it was.

So I didn't make pockets of money - no 'gold bracelet 'to show for my winning as I did at the Boxing Day races a couple of years back - but I did enjoy something different, even on a school night in Auckland.

PS This dog won the feature race. Her name is Little Mother. Cute. Wish I had bet more than $1 each way lol

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