Sunday, March 6, 2011

On Kindness and Thoughtfulness

Over the past two weeks I have been frequently touched by stories of selflessness and kindness in the event and aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake. Good deeds and good buggers have been exposed not only in Christchurch but throughout our country, and also across parts of the world.
It's a good time to acknowledge that many of us ARE wired this way, because ordinarily as humans?  Kiwis? we are quick to recognise those who are selfish scum-suckers and not those who are mostly like you and me. Good sorts. Those who do good because it is good to do. And I don't mean save-the-world kind of good, just every day good. And not because they want or will get recognition. Just because they can.

I was impressed with Tracey Barnett's recent story in the NZ Herald. If you have not already read via my FB page, I do recommend it. Read it to the end, and if it strikes a chord with you, listen to that music for a bit.

The small bit of kindness represented in this photo from my phone, comes from a household on my regular dog walk. They almost always have a container or two of fresh water out the front of their house for the many passing dogs who use the coastal walkway beside their property. Today it was a new pink bowl, which was overflowing with, I suspect, fresh rainwater this time. My boys tucked right in, They really appreciated it, and so did I. I have thanked them before, but next time I see them, I will be sure to do so again.

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