Thursday, March 17, 2011

The true meaning of Glee.

Big Doggie play-date at the Botanic Gardens today. I loved it. Hugo, Reilly and I (oh, and Amanda)  met Olley and Jake (and Mel, Cam and Kate) there after work. We also met some characters at the leash off area!

Leo the "retradoodle', (or goldendoodle - both bloody silly names if you ask me) a loopy puppy who looked bigger than his 5 1/2 months, was all legs and playfulness, with no sense of anyone else's personal space. Actually that went for the 2 Golden Retrievers Otto and Mitch too, who showered several if us with their post stinky-swim water shakes. Even Jake has the puppy wobbles still, doofing in to things and people.
We were also visited poolside by a small black poodle, another small bitzer and two enormous rottie/mastiff crosses.
It was a fun and amusing time for all. If you don't have a dog, or the pleasure of watching a dog at play, I do believe you are missing out. Dogs in their element define glee. And they all have a different way of expressing it. I think today the most gleeful pair were Olley and his new friend Leo. Olley, who had almost given up on the walk after 5 minutes, surely found his second wind as he and the young Leo careered around for ages. He also wins the most tenacious award; a little dog with a real big dog attitude.
Loved watching Jake - all burly on the outside, but still needing reassurance from his Mum, and being a kind of 'third wheel' engaging in parallel play with the other two mad runners.
As for Hugo and Reilly - not much dog interaction for them,. Their glee is sniffing on things and then peeing on them, and maybe eating some grass. Oh, and protecting me from the big dogs.

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