Saturday, March 5, 2011

Damp Weather, but Bright Spirits

Another school-related post - today being our Gala Day. The persistent rain throughout the night did not bode well for a repeat of the brilliant weather we had last year for our first fully fledged gala. However it was on, rain or shine, so we forged ahead.
Fortunately the weather gods decided to look fondly upon us after a while, and for 2 hours we had relatively few showers. We were heartened by the fact that our school and wider community still came out to support us, despite the precipitation.
As this little poppet's face shows, faces were painted... also, raffles were won, bargains were haggled and... teachers were dunked.

When it was my turn to be subjected to the evils of the dunking machine at the end of the day, the rain started again. Still the drops from the sky bore not even the remotest resemblance to the soaking you get when a bucket of hose-cold water is dumped right on top of you, time and time again. It was hideous!
The things we do for our kids!

PS child photo is my friend Maryn's daughter. I am sure she won't mind it being on my blog?!

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