Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty hard to miss - you'd think

I took my Big Swiss Ball to work today as it's flatness was making some of my exercises difficult, and we have a pump at school - and a teacher who is handy with the pump. So handy he emailed me this afternoon to say he'd taken the ball and pumped it up for me while I was in one of my many meetings today. Very grateful I was.
At the end of the day do you think I could find it? I mean where does a big ball like this hide? I had nearly given up hope when I took a last chance look in the Principal's office and found it there nestled beside her own. (Just deleted an inappropriate comment about the duo of large spheres)
I squeezed it into my car and unloaded it back home, where it sat on the couch (as in the photo) making it's presence known, reminding me of my Thursday Exercise Obligations.
Somehow though, my tired brain talked me out of doing my circuit after the dog walk, so my punishment is that I need to be up early to do it in the morning. Oh balls.

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