Thursday, March 24, 2011

A weighty issue

Took this pic of a paper weight at the end of the day today, navigating through a few apps I have on my iPhone with Viki, as she just has a new iPhone4 herself :) In this forum would prefer it without the instagram filter, but never mind. 

The issue of the day, or past 2 days, for me was around my own weight. Now I am intelligent enough to know that by density, muscle will weigh more than fat, and to expect weight loss to falter when you begin weight training. But to put on and retain 1 kg after 1 weight training session - come on! (I know, I know one should not stand on the scales every day blah blah blah, but - I do.) My common sense told me it was not 'real weight, but it does play tricks with your mind.

Thanks to google I now put it down to my poor muscles (esp quads) retaining fluid to repair themselves. Must be true because I was 600g lighter this afternoon than this morning, and that never happens. (hmmm a 45 min dog walk and my own circuit at home could have something to do with that?)
Scales and weight are funny things. It always fascinates me that you can 'lose' a kilo over an 8 hour sleep, and I can even be up to 1/2 kg less after a shower than before. Must melt it away lol.

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  1. Lynn, I love this. Just like you I am amazed how I can put on weight after really believing I would have lost some. My Dr has given me a piece of paper with a hand drawn smiley face, a date in 3 months time and how much I should weigh by then. Its not my nature to attend weight loss programmes so I am doing it my self. Or rather, not doing it. I mow lawns, swim, walk with my daughter-in-law, chase grandkids, go up and down stairs several times a day, and the weight doesn't move. Just about ready to throw the scales out the window. My diet is sort of good. I think my solution is to stop eating :-) Good luck