Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reflecting on a Great Day

Well at 8 am this morning it looked as though Mum and Dad's 50th anniversary celebration would be completely washed out. Heaviest rain I have seen in the longest time. Couldn't even see to the end of the once-was 'tennis court'. Mum even contemplated moving proceedings to the local hall.
But fortunately by late morning the skies had brightened and whilst the sun did not show itself, the rain stayed away and is only now reappearing as I write this. 
It was really good to see all of Mum and Dad's friends from the local area come along to celebrate with and support them, But best of all for me was seeing family that we don't often get to spend time with. Really there wasn't enough time today though. So we have made promises to maintain the contact, and to plan some get-togethers. I really hope we honour those commitments.
The above photo was actually taken by my uncle on my brother's camera so I cannot lay claim to it. I have made sure that I have 'stolen' all of his photos as well so I can have the full complement of memories to reflect on. 
This one is taken on the jetty of the lake at the bottom of the house. I think it's choice.

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