Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gross Factor Alert #2

I am trying to stave off my fourth bout of Iritis, or Iridocyclitis, which can, and has twice for me, develop into Acute Anterior Uveitis. It's basically the inflammation of the eyeball. Can get very bad. Quite a sight for sore eyes (hehehe). And has previously appeared when I have felt stressed, which is why it's all a bit of a mystery as I am actually in quite a good state of mind!

Fortunately the last time I contracted it, the ophthalmologist had vision enough (badoom, CHING!) to give me a script for extra treatment, so I have been dropping the drops in - possibly over-zealously - and will hope for the best overnight.
Don't know what hurts more when it blows up, the eye or the specialist bills. Actually, maybe the treatment. The first time I had it, I had steroids deposited in my eye... via injection. Bleuck.
But staying in the positive frame of mind and telling myself I have caught it early... so it should be looking better in the morning (Oh STOP!)

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